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We occasionally offer a few kittens or adult cats with suitable characteristics for adoption. Talk to your parents and friends to help us find a suitable foster family for these little offsprings looking to give you loads of love.

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Good health starts with food. Indeed, the quality of the food you choose to serve to your animal is a fundamental element that will affect not only its longevity but also its quality of life. The other elements are its activity level and the quality of hygiene and health care from which he will benefit during his life, as well as his hereditary baggage.

Our Boutique Santé offers specialized diets, to address both maintenance care and therapy needs. These diets are the result of extensive research by experienced veterinarians and scientists around the world. The objective is the well-being of the patient through the prevention and control of several health problems frequently encountered in our cats and dogs. Don’t hesitate to ask our staff members for advice, they will happily answer all your questions!

Did you know that?

Sterilization is recommended to prevent uterine infections and breast cancers in females as well as testicular cancers and prostate problems in males. In addition, it will also prevent certain unwanted behaviour problems such as territorial marking, running away and aggressiveness. Finally, it is the only way to fight effectively against the problem of overpopulation of cats and dogs that end up on the street or in shelters, and who are too often euthanized because they cannot find a family that can take them in. 
Declawing is probably the most controversial of all elective surgical procedures. Out of concern for the well-being of our feline patients, we stopped performing this surgery 4 years ago. This procedure will officially be illegal in Quebec as of 2024. Even though it is normal for cats to scratch things to mark their territory or to scratch during play, we understand that this behaviour can easily destroy the bond between an owner and his cat. Scratching post training and soft paws are a few available options to help in these situations. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice on this subject.
Many cats and dogs excrete parasitic elements (parasite eggs) in their stools. Four species are found much more frequently than the others, namely Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Toxocara and Isospora. Three of these can accidentally be transmitted to humans. Consequently, it is doubly important to adopt a good parasitism control program for your cat and dog and to perform a stool analysis (coproscopy) at least once a year.

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