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About Us

A proudly independent clinic, a passionate and devoted team, personalized care aimed towards the well being of your pets, those are a few of the things you can expect at Clinique Vétérinaire du Vieux Longueuil!

Our Story

The Clinique Vétérinaire du Vieux Longueuil is an independent practice, owned by Dre Astrid Pacher since April 1st 2016. Having graduated from the University of Montreal in 2006, Dre Pacher had been dreaming of owning her practice for multiple years. Passionate, Dre Pacher is a firm believer in quality medical care as much as personalized and warm customer service. Since 2021, the Clinique Vétérinaire du Vieux Longueuil’s practice is focusing on the use of stress-free techniques. We want to ensure that each one of our patients experiences the most agreeable and least stressful visit possible. 


Over the years, the team has steadily grown. Each team member whole-heartedly adheres to the values that define the Clinique Vétérinaire du Vieux Longueuil: empathy, attentiveness, respect and excellence.

Image by Jamie Street

Meet the team!

In order to provide your pets with the best care possible, each team member has an essential role, be it our veterinarians, our animal health technicians or our receptionists and support staff. Get to know them!

Practice Owner/


Dr. Astrid Pacher

After graduating from University of Montreal in 2006, Dr Pacher worked in various clinics in the greater Montreal area before acquiring her own practice in Old Longueuil in 2016. Her passion for animals made her choose this career path but the strong bond built with her clients is what kept her on it. By preserving the special bond between a pet and their owner, Dr Pacher knows she makes a difference in her clients’ lives. Her dedication has never faltered since her early years as a veterinarian. As time went by, Dr Pacher developed a special interest in surgery and geriatrics. She particularly enjoys treating elderly patients and ensuring they maintain a good quality of life in their golden years. Outside of work, Dr Pacher is a music enthusiast and you will often find her on a dance floor! 

Josée Goulet_edited_edited.png

Dr. Josée Goulet

A 1991 veterinary medicine graduate, Dr Josée Goulet has been a part of the Clinique Vétérinaire du Vieux-Longueuil team for the past five years. She has an inclination for preventive medicine and communication with clients is a fundamental value. Animal welfare is a cause close to her heart which brought her to work in shelters in the past. During her free time, Dr. Goulet enjoys spending time with family and friends, and always has a stack of books on her bedside table. 


Tamara Gagnon.jpg


Dr. Tamara Gagnon

Dre Gagnon is a passionate veterinarian with a special interest in animal behavior. Her gentle approach allows for optimal healthcare, even for her particularly anxious patients, that she adores. She takes pleasure in taking the time to answer all the owners’ questions. As a new mother to a one-year-old son, she has managed to find a harmonious balance between her work and personal life. In her free time, you can find her outdoors or sharing a good meal with friends or family. 

Ariane Beck.jpg

Manager/Animal health technician

Ariane Beck

A 2011 graduate from the CEGEP of St-Hyacinthe, Ariane joined the Clinique Vétérinaire du Vieux-Longueuil in February 2016. Ariane is a go-getter and she likes to keep things moving, she appreciates busy days and has a gift for multitasking. As a technician, she particularly enjoys everything technical such as blood sampling and catheter placement. She is also the clinic manager and as such she knows the clinic like the back of her hand. At home, her 2 children keep her busy, she plays hockey and particularly enjoys hiking in the forest. 

Joannie Gardner.jpg

Animal health technician

Joannie Gardner

Joannie graduated from Collège Laflèche in 2020 and joined the Clinique Vétérinaire du Vieux-Longueuil’s team in October of the same year for her first veterinary technician job. A fervent advocate for animal well-being, her love for cats is undeniable: she has 5 at home! Even though felines are her favorite species, our canine patients are still coddled by the one who always has treats nearby. Having a particular interest in pets’ behavior, she is the technician assigned to this service in the clinic. 

Béatrice Elliott_edited.png

Veterinary medicine student

Béatrice Elliott

Béatrice is a fourth-year veterinary medicine student. She has been part of the team since 2021. She loves animals and learning new things. She takes care of our patients with passion and diligence and is very eager to start her career as a veterinarian in two years time!

Elodie Gagnon.jpg

Elodie Gagnon

Élodie joined the team during her university studies. She completed a bachelor’s degree in biological science in 2021 and a master’s degree in environmental management in 2023. An animal lover, she remains a member of the team despite obtaining her diplomas. She now takes care of various administrative tasks remotely. In parallel with her work at the Clinique Vétérinaire du Vieux-Longueuil, Élodie works in environmental management, mainly in water resource management, conservation, and environmental protection. She always finds time to come to the clinic, often accompanied by one of her cats or her dog. Warm and cheerful, Élodie loves welcoming clients and their furry friends as well as carrying out preventive care follow-ups. 

Administrative Assistant

Laury Richer Lambert.jpg

Laury Richer Lambert 

Laury joined the team of the Clinique Vétérinaire du Vieux-Longueuil in 2022. Most of the time, you will find her at the reception desk. She's always very happy to welcome clients and their four-legged friends. And when our awesome technicians need some help, she gladly lends them a hand! She is looking to take a course in behavioural dog grooming. 


Technical assistant

Gabrielle Alderson.jpg


Gabrielle Alderson

Gabrielle started as a receptionist in the summer of 2023. Always smiling, she happily assists our clients in order to make their experience a positive one. Her goal is to evolve within the Clinique Vétérinaire du Vieux-Longueuil and eventually join the Animal Health Technician team. 

Sénia Dubois.jpg


Senia Dubois

Senia is an accounting student and has been working part-time at the clinic as a receptionist since 2022. She is a longtime animal lover and is the resident/pension cat's designated caretaker on the weekends. She likes travelling, weightlifting, cooking and her adorable cat Moki!

Maleigha Lyons Lamour.jpg


Maleigha Lyons-Lamour

Maleigha is a kinesiology student at McGill university who also has a passion for animals. She has 3 dogs and a cat that she loves more than anything. As a part time secretary, she brings her enthusiasm for both administrative tasks and furry friends to accomplish her job. She takes pride in ensuring that the clinic runs smoothly, all while showering our four-legged patients with the care and attention they deserve.




Meet Tibo, our first mascot! Very sociable, he loves getting pet by all clients. Naturally curious, he explores all areas of the clinic and often meows in front of closed doors!  He loves drinking water straight from the faucet and is a real glutton!




Meet Mama, our second mascot! Being a little shy, she prefers to observe things from a high vantage point. When things are quieter, she adores lying on our employees’ laps. Getting brushed in one of her favourite activities and a sure way to score points with her!

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