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Veterinary Clinic for Cats and Dogs

Each visit begins and ends with the well being of our patients



Neighbourhood clinic with a family atmosphere, our team is here for you and your companions! Each team member cares strongly for your pet’s well being and will ensure that the visit goes smoothly from beginning to end: longer appointments, use of treats and stress-free techniques all aim to create an agreeable experience!

Our Mission

We strive to offer high quality preventive and therapeutic care to maintain the best quality of life for your pet, at all the stages of its life.

Our Vision

Build a trust-based relationship with each of our clients, so that we can assist them in making the best decisions for the health and wellbeing of their companions.

Our Values

Empathy, attentiveness, respect and excellence are at the core of our work.
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Our services

What Our Clients Say!

Daniel Allouis

"Best clinic on the South Shore, if you love your pets, know that they will treat them as if they were their own. Excellent veterinarian and the staff is just as professional and caring towards animals."

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